Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our First Week :: 8.24-8-28

DoNow: Draw a portrait of yourself (on a large index card)
Activity 1: Personal Info Card
Task 1: Name Plate - please include: 1. your name 2. a minimum of 3 colors 3. No white space and 4. a creative background
HW: Bring materials to class by Thurs/Friday

DoNow: Draw a tree branch with detail
A1: Syllabus
A2: What is Line? - vertical, horizontal, diagonal, curved, zigzag
HW: Materials, syllabus signed, magazine page with variety of lines

DoNow: Draw a close-up drawing of the bristles of a toothbrush
A1: Line Variation - width, length, direction, degree of curve, texture
T1: Line Exploration
A2: Introduction to Contour Drawing
T2: Blind Contour Drawing - objects and faces
HW: #1 Draw your front door (Sketchbook)


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