Thursday, September 3, 2009


DoNow: Draw your hand
A1: Review Contour Drawings
T1: Blind/Modified Contour Drawings - hands
A2: Positive and Negative Space
T2: Positive and Negative Space Designs
HW: #2 *Draw a modified/blind contour drawing of your shoe (SB)

DoNow: Draw your hand holding a pencil
A1: Review Expectations
A2: Shading Techniques
T2: Practice shading with help from handout
HW: #3 Free Choice (SB)

DoNow: Draw a picture of your stool
A1: Talk to the Text
A2: Share out findings
T2: Upside Down Drawings - see handout
T3: Name Plate - include: 1. name, 2. minimum of 3 colors, 3. no white space, 4. creative background
HW: # 4 Find something in a magazine and draw it upside down (SB)

... in class excerise.

... upside down drawing for homework.


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