Sunday, September 13, 2009


DoNow: Create a symbol/ design with your initials.
A1: Still Life Drawings (station 1)
A2: Ladder to Success Drawing (station 2)
(The class was split up into smaller groups to complete each task. Halfway through the class, the groups switched stations.)

Notes on board:
* Composition- How you place your image on the paper. How much of he object do you see? What do you want the viewer to focus on? (ie. centered vs off-centered; zooming in = intimate, up close and personal...)

* Point of View- Where you are looking from conveys a meaning. How does your Point of View impact your drawing? (ie. are you below it, looking up? are you looking down on it?...)

Students will observe inanimate objects while drawing them with great detail (a still life drawing)
Students will practice using both composition and point of view to create a balanced, meaningful illustration.

HW: #5 Look around your house...what artifacts symbolize/ represent your family's culture/beliefs? Draw them to the best of your abilities. (SB)


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