Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Final Self-Portrait Presentations

Here are the presentation expectations that students used to respond to and reflect on during their presentation:
1. Display Self-Portrait
2. Intro: Read "Who Am I?" Poem
3. Discuss Process/Technique/Tools/Materials
4. Present 3 of your most significant symbols and explain their importance.
5. Express any challenges and ares of growth.
6. Closing: How have you grown as an arist during the creation of this art piece?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Exhibition Night...this Wednesday!!

Our students have been working so hard on completing their final Who Am I? Self-Portrait. I'm super excited to share that their artwork will be on display during the 9th/10th grade Exhibition Night this Wednesday 10/28 @ 5:30. I hope to see everyone there supporting and admiring our students hard work. Along with their final Self-Portrait, students will also have on display, a Who Am I? Poem and a short artist statement.

Here are some pictures of students working hard to finish up:

Monday, October 12, 2009

Great Live-Art Video

Friday, October 9, 2009

10/8-9 Closing in on our Final Due Dates

We are powering through our Self-Portraits. Students have been working super hard, in class and some after school, to complete their beautifully unique Self-Portraits. I'm truly excited to display them at our Lower Division Exhibition Night (10/28).

Here are our newest due dates:

Tuesday, Oct. 13 - Rough Draft of Artist's Statement Due (I, II, III) see Organizer handout

Thursday/Friday, Oct. 15/16 - Final Self-Portraits Due
These need to be completed in full color, including symbols, within their final silhouette.

Monday/Tuesday, Oct. 19/20 - Final Artist's Statement Due (I, II, III, IV) including final reflection

Come One Come All:
I will have my doors open both Tuesday and Thursday after school for anyone to join me in the Art Studio. 3:30-5:30

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

10/6 - Success Day!

Today was a very "success"ful day.
I had a great turnout of students that needed to catch up on late work and showed me their serious interest in picking up the speed.

As for class:
DoNow - Write down the color you are choosing for the background. Why? How does it represent you as an individual? Your personality?
A1 - Color - Emotions/Feelings/Representations (see notes below)
A2 - Artist's Statement Organizer
A3 - "ISH" (Independent Sketch Hall) 1. Trace Silhouette; 2. Draw Final Symbols; 3. Add Color (see Ms G first)

Objectives: Students will be feel prepared and have a good understanding of how their artist's statement should be written.

HW: Write the first 2 paragraphs: I & II of their artist statement from the organizer handout.


Student discoveries with color:
Blue = water, strong, flowing thoughts, night sky, awake, insomnia
Yellow = exciting, cheerful
Red = passionate, tragedy, angry
Purple = moody, calm, exciteable, deep
Pink = love, excitment, breast cancer
Green = happiness, nature/trees/ life, money, greed, summer
Black = dark, unpredictable, bad past, powerful, confusion, mixed emotions, colorful (all mixed up)

to be continued.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


This week we dedicated a lot of time to working on our sketched silhouette self-portraits. During this Independent Sketch Hall (ISH), students focused on developing their self-portraits by sketching their symbols inside an oval-head template. In order to understand the composition and placement of their images, students were encouraged to consider emphasizing certain symbols that they felt were more important than others by increasing sizes and layering the images.

Once I confirmed and checked off their sketches, each student had their silhouette traced onto a large format piece of drawing paper. Using a projector and the direct light source, the students chose between a profile or frontal pose. Eventually their symbols would be drawn within the silhouette.

I also introduced a glimpse of Color Theory. We discussed the difference between warm and cool colors, analogous and complimentary, and reviewed primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. We learned that colors can express different moods, emotions, and feelings. The students are going to choose a color that represents them that they will use for the background of their self-portrait.

I'm really looking forward to this next stage of the project. I think the students are getting more and more enthusiastic about the final art piece. I feel the energy in the classroom...this is an exciting feeling.

HW: Finish sketching the draft silhouette in sketchbook or on newsprint.
Choose a color, using the worksheet provided, that represents a part of your personality.

Extra Credit: Design a symbol for your Block Letter (ie. Block "A")

Self-Portrait Vocabulary Worksheet: