Tuesday, October 6, 2009

10/6 - Success Day!

Today was a very "success"ful day.
I had a great turnout of students that needed to catch up on late work and showed me their serious interest in picking up the speed.

As for class:
DoNow - Write down the color you are choosing for the background. Why? How does it represent you as an individual? Your personality?
A1 - Color - Emotions/Feelings/Representations (see notes below)
A2 - Artist's Statement Organizer
A3 - "ISH" (Independent Sketch Hall) 1. Trace Silhouette; 2. Draw Final Symbols; 3. Add Color (see Ms G first)

Objectives: Students will be feel prepared and have a good understanding of how their artist's statement should be written.

HW: Write the first 2 paragraphs: I & II of their artist statement from the organizer handout.


Student discoveries with color:
Blue = water, strong, flowing thoughts, night sky, awake, insomnia
Yellow = exciting, cheerful
Red = passionate, tragedy, angry
Purple = moody, calm, exciteable, deep
Pink = love, excitment, breast cancer
Green = happiness, nature/trees/ life, money, greed, summer
Black = dark, unpredictable, bad past, powerful, confusion, mixed emotions, colorful (all mixed up)

to be continued.


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